Tortilla Flats

An upcoming issue of motif magazine  is featuring the upcoming 2015 star wars movie. In response to this a sales associate there wanted an ad drawn up for tortilla flats .

The brief was to create an ad with supplied text and to have a header that mimicked the star wars opening scene scrolling text that happens.

the ad changes are as follows


overall I think i did well matching the brief

however, the feedback was they wanted the header to be just a tad bit larger and the lower info to be much smaller 8pt or 9pt. however this is going to be printed and 8 or 9 pt type is not going to have the best legibility.


Even with those changes it still doesn’t look terrible


“the client doesn’t like the lines or weird grey background image” of course if the client knew starwars they would know im using the imperial’s logo. also the lines were there to fill in the empty space(pun intended) which was also explained in a previous version.

A new change mentions that they dont like the yellow font. I sometimes wonder if clients have seen the material they are inspired to make their ad look like. Of course we also have to move components down and swap some important elements to slightly less important locations, such as the web address. I would like to think that placing your address at the bottom of an ad is standard and a good place for the reader to look so they are able to contact you easily if they have questions.


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