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Static Website(content stays the same)

Static websites are a great option for businesses that are cut and dry(construction, law firm etc..)
If your content does not change that much and you only need to display basic information without weekly updates this is probably the best course for you.

Dynamic Website (WordPress etc.)

For those who need to engage their audience more frequently, or want customers to come back to their website for new content frequently, this option is best for you.
The great thing about dynamic websites is that you can edit their content whenever you like without having to call your trusty web designer(That’s me! :D)

Web maintenance (info on site is up to date)

We know that with every hub of your business it may be hard to keep everything consistent and up to date. We take that hassle off of your hands.

Web hosting

We offer web hosting options that make your life – and ours – easier when it comes to your website.

If you don’t want to host with us, we recommend using hosting24.com . You can even get a discount with them using the promo code ” 8bit ”


note: some websites may differ from their thumbnail as some clients have access that allows them to change the look of their site

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