Video Pre/Post Production

Audio leveling & Noise Cancellation

Sometimes you may have footage all shot and ready to go. The only thing holding you back may be an annoying fan noise running in the background, or maybe a microphone was placed too close to one of your subjects. We can these problems and more, as long as they aren’t too bad of course.

Cut and edit Footage

You may have shot great footage for your commercial, but you cant figure out the best way to splice it all together, or what to take out. It takes a professional touch to get the right times to cut, the pacing of footage, the right message or even the right background music.

Shoot Footage

We offer a great option for local commercials or lower budget projects. We don’t have the best cameras money can buy, but our videography still comes out great (check out some examples below)

Story boarding

Planning what to shoot and the message you are trying to send to your audience via video is an important step. Creating key points and visuals ahead of time so that we know what to shoot and capture is a great way to storyboard.




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